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ypFeb. 2017-  Mission Hills Heritage Files Suit To Protect Neighborhood's Historic Character

  You can help support the preservation of older neighborhoods in San Diego by donating to groups such as Mission Hills Heritage, who have recently filed a lawsuit against the City's Uptown Community Plan, which does not adequately protect historic resources against future development. Click here to learn more about this community's battle to preserve their historic character!  ​​http://www.missionhillsheritage.org/


Business is off to a good start this year with the recent sale of our listing, the 1911 Bellomy-Pratt House in the Old Escondido Historic District, PLUS a great mention in Michael Good's "House Calls" column in the Uptown News! This issue's article is titled "Unreal Real Estate" and talks about the current high prices of homes in neighborhoods like North Park. When Michael interviewed me, I told him it probably wasn't the message that the Uptown News wanted me to be saying: that if a person wants to buy a historic or older home, they should look elsewhere for a better deal. I do believe it is true, however, and somehow the quote managed not to get cut out! ...There are indeed small pockets of great early 20th century homes all over this region, in communities such as Escondido, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Chula Vista, National City, Lakeside, Fallbrook and others. Properties in these outlying areas tend to be a lot less expensive and to offer more quality-of-life amenities like larger lots, more off-street parking, more trees, better views, quieter neighborhoods, better access to public transit (re. the trolley and other commuter rail service), etc., etc... I'm not knocking Uptown's beautiful historic neighborhoods -- and I'm more than happy to do business there, but most average people who want the quality of life offered by older, better-built houses in established older neighborhoods have been priced out of here. If there is an upside to that though, it's that there are still plenty of great opportunities to buy wonderful vintage homes within a reasonable distance of "America's Finest City."...If you're thinking of buying and would like to go see some of these types of homes in some of the promising but under-appreciated older parts of the city and region, then just let us know -- we'd be happy to get you to the next level and take you on an exciting house-hunting tour!

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It was great being able to work with our friends to help sell their house and help them move on to their next big adventure! here.

March 2016- Jaye is featured in this article from Michael Good's "House Calls" column in The Uptown News!



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Welcome to MacAskill Real Estate! MacAskill Real Estate is the husband and wife agent team of Joe and Jaye MacAskill. Client satisfaction is our main goal! We are proud to be a part of Bennion Deville Homes, one of the fasted growing -- and in our opinion best, real estate companies in the United States. Our office is conveniently located in Hillcrest, in the heart of Uptown San Diego at 265 W. Washington Street.

MacAskill Real Estate has long-established ties to the San Diego community and extensive knowledge of the entire Southern California region. We specialize in historic houses and older homes with vintage character; however, we are adept at dealing with any type of residential property, from new single-family residences to condos and investment rental properties of up to four units. If you are considering buying or selling anywhere within San Diego County, please contact us for an appointment. We’ll get you started on the right track and will do everything in our power to facilitate a smooth transaction to closing.

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